A book-turned-video made for a project at MassArt. The text is a combination of Frank Ocean’s coming-out letter, and an article about the Yellowstone fires of 1988. The book was made in the style of a matchbook, using scanned textures of fire, smoke, and burnt paper

Mike Savoie

Los Angeles, California
B.F.A. in Communication Design, MassArt 2021
Open to work!

About Me

I’m a designer with over ten years of experience as a designer, video director, creative director, marketer, artist manager, programmer, creative producer, and more.
My Clients Include...

CarbonCapture, Relentless Beats, Sony Pictures, Amazon Studios, MGM, EA Sports, American Idol, 19 Recordings, BMG, BBR Music Group, Wheelhouse Records, Imagine Music Festival, Position Music, KAMI, Vic Mensa, SAVEMONEY, tt.fm, Moving Castle Records, The Hearts Project, palate house, America's Test Kitchen, Queens.gg, ModernBlkGrl, Armada Music