Earwig Music Festival 3 was a 7 hour long online music festival. Once again, we ran with no budget, only relying on our established, 1000+ people strong community. This time around, we took more chances with smaller artists, and curated a show that ran cross-genre, and brought out a new audience to our platform. We raised over $1800, and gave that money back to the artists, the Movement 4 Black Lives, and DanceSafe.

Earwig Music Festival 2 Showreel. Not all footage mine, see credits for details.

Earwig Music Festival 2 was a 9 hour long online music festival. 14 artists played to 3,000 people on Twitch.tv, and we raised over $2100 for DanceSafe, a non-profit organization that promotes safety and wellbeing in the nightlife community.
I served as the Art Director for this project, creating the brand identity myself, and contracting artists okayGOOD to work within the established brand guidelines. I also served as the producer for this event, making sure that the show ran smoothly from pre-show to after party.
We continue to host weekly concerts and use the brand to further promote the main festival event.
Earwig 2 was marketed through an Alternate Reality Game. We created a book titled "Earwig Poetry," which contained secret codes, lore, and more. If you'd like to see a detailed breakdown of the book, a few hardcore fans have cataloged every page here.

Some excerpts from the ARG. Mediums included the physical book, a "numbers station," which sent a message every day at 3PM, and a phone line with an SSTV image signal.

Top left: Audio message encoded in a "numbers station" broadcast. Bottom left: 5-grams for encryption. Middle: Diagrams of earwigs found in 1950's era home guides. Right: One-Time Pads for long-form message encryption.


The lineup poster from Earwig 1.